Monday, March 1, 2010

Little Drummer Boy

Being the best wife ever, I got Chris a set of drums for Valentine's day. They are so so loud and I thought they were a really bad idea when I first brought them home. Within a day I decided they actually weren't that bad. They can't be played real late, being in town we don't want to disturb any of our neighbors, and they are now in the 'man cave', not the living room anymore. Thank goodness. Lucas is pretty good at them for just beginning and told me tonight that he wants to take lessons.

I think lessons might be a good idea...this is the first thing he has really shown interest in besides video games and I hate that he wants to play the games so much. (plus I told Chris if Lucas does get the lessons that means I can put Reagan into some kind of activity...I'm thinking dance or gymnastics. VERY excited! )


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