Monday, March 28, 2011

Maybe Temporary Post

This post might be deleted in a day or two. It depends on how things go and how I feel about it then. Really, right now I just need an outlet and a place to lay out my thoughts. The past month has been a bit rough. My son, Lucas, has had migraines for years. I think it's been about 5 years he has been getting them now and he is only 9 years old. He'll be 10 in September.

The migraines would come maybe once a month for a few hours then it would be gone again for at least a month. There were times that he wouldn't have one for a few months. Our doctor was never concerned because migraines are hereditary. I have them and so does my mom and my one sister. I was just told that if a parent has migraines then the child is 50% more likely than a child with a parent who doesn't get migraines to get them.

So...within the past month his migraines have become more frequent and are lasting longer. A full day at the longest. Then they were coming everyday. He was missing tons of school or he was being sent home early. We made a doctors appt. for last Monday. It was one of his worst he has had that day. He was sent home from school and my husband had to carry him to the car just to get him to the doctors. We were given a medicine to give him nightly in hopes that would prevent the migraines from even starting. That's the goal. Our doctor also ordered a MRI because of the change in his frequency of getting the migraines. He did say again at this point he wasn't really worried about finding anything on it because of the family history. So I had a little freak out and then agreed with him. That was Monday of last week. We gave him his new medicine that night and hoped it would work super fast.

Tuesday. It was actually a good day. I really thought the medicine was a miracle medicine and he was cured..well I knew he wasn't cured but I thought it was doing its job. And honestly I credit that medicine for giving him his first migraine free day in over a week. I was so so happy to see my boy happy and playing with his sister. It was so nice. We had kept him home from school just because we were worried about the side effects of the medicine and we were to keep an eye on him. What a good day Tuesday was!!!

Wednesday. It was so bad. He had a migraine from the time he woke up and as the day went on it just got worse. We eventually decided to take him to the ER. (I forgot to mention up there that our insurance decided to be dumb and wouldn't approve the MRI right away so we are still waiting at this point to hear back from them if we can get it done or not.) Anyway, we go to the ER and they give him some medicine to help with the pain, but not pain meds, and it worked pretty fast! He had told the doctor in the ER that is pain was at a 10 when he was first examined and by the time we left it was at a 2. YAY. They did a CT Scan while we were there and we got the results pretty fast. It came back fine. They saw nothing out of the ordinary. He recommended that we take our son to the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh to get checked out by the neurology dept. By the time we got out of there they were closed at Children's so I had to call the next morning.

Thursday. I woke up to a phone call from our doctors office saying the MRI was approved!! Thank goodness. Good News! I made the appt. for Children's and they had just had a cancellation so we were able to get in Friday morning! More Good News! Also no migraines today. He did have a few headaches but we were able to stop them before they became really bad. He has been sleeping and laying around a lot more than usual and just not my little boy. The MRI is scheduled for Monday (today).

Friday. We got up super early to head to Children's for our 8 am. appt. So glad we had it that early though because no waiting! We saw our doctor and she went over everything with us. Checked out the scans from the CT he had done at the ER and said we should definitely still have the MRI done. She also said that with the family history she wasn't worried. We got a list of foods to avoid as that is what is said to trigger most peoples migraines. Lucas got pretty upset about this as just about everything he eats is on that list. He's a pretty picky eater. We assured him that he would get used to it and we can find new favorite foods. We left there with instructions to stop taking the medicine that our family doctor gave him and start him on a new one. It was a pretty good day. He had a few headaches but again nothing really bad.

The Weekend. It was a pretty good weekend. Not much went on and Lucas was able to rest with no appts. or doctors visits. Again, a few headaches but NO migraines!!!

Monday. Today. We had Lucas' MRI at 9:45 this morning. I was a little worried about how he would do. Have you guys seen those machines? He was SO good. He stayed still the whole time. I was able to sit in the room with him and hold his leg so he knew I was there. That machine is loud! We were done 20 minutes later and we dropped him off at school. His first day back in a week. He was really happy to see his friends again and be back to normal. The results were to be sent to our family doctor and our doctor at Children's. When I had asked a nurse at our family doctor about how long we would have to wait for the results she had said probably a few days. (I googled it today and the ones I saw said 24 hours or so) At 4 pm today I got a phone call from our family doctor and they said they had gotten the results and they wanted us to make an appt. to go over them. I started to freak a little at this point because 1: at this time I thought it would be a few days to find out and being just a matter of hours I was scared 2: if the results were fine wouldn't they just say that over the phone? ....I guess there are only 2 points there. But I thought valid points. So I called my mom.

Mom's are the best right? I figured my mom would know if it was good or bad by them wanting us to make an appt. to go over results. She had gone through a lot of tests with my dad and I'm sure she had gotten the same kind of call I had got. She was able to calm me down and made me really think about it all instead of just thinking about it being bad. It could be anything. I know that. It is still a little scary but I have convinced myself that he just wants to tell us it was clear and that he wants to go over with us what more we can do to prevent these migraines. Like food and such. He didn't go over that with us in our visit, just the doctor at Children's did and he doesn't even know about Children's yet because it all happened so fast and I haven't had the chance to update him yet. So yeah, I'm sure it's fine and I'll feel silly tomorrow for being so crazy today.

I never do this but please if you could, say a prayer for my Lucas. That the results really are fine and everything is ok. If they are not, I know that we will still be ok and it WILL work out.

If you have made it this far, I want to thank you for listening to this mom's worries. I really appreciate it. Oh...I forgot. We go tomorrow. Tuesday to talk to the doctor and go over the results.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bring on The Beatles

Check out my niece. Isn't she adorable? What a little model. :)
I'm loving this Beatles dress!

It's now available in my Etsy shop.

I'm working on lots of new things so stay tuned.


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