Friday, July 30, 2010

Scooter Purse Knock Off

This weeks Knock Off is this fantastic purse. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Noodlehead, the other day and she posted about a purse she made herself and I just had to have it.

Usually when I do a Knock Off I like to change it a little to make it my own and if not I at least use different fabric or colors but with this purse I had to have the exact one...I loved it that much.

I bought the same pattern as Anna used for the purse and made it as soon as the fabric hit my mailbox.

Isn't this the cutest fabric ever?? I LOVE it. I got mine off of Etsy but couldn't find it available in this color on there anymore so I found another place online where you can order it and make your own Knock Off. A Knock Off of a Knock off if you will. (geesh, somebody stop me)

Here is Reagan with it so you can see size wise how big the bag is. It's perfect for what I need since I keep half my house in my purse. :)

Found It!

This dress was going to be her 4th of July outfit but after making it I set it aside and completely forgot where I put it.

This is my first time doing a rounded collar. I think it turned out pretty good.

I don't know if I'll be making anymore like it though.
Maybe if I used a pattern it would have been easier.

Does anyone have any tips for an easy rounded collar?

I will have my weekly knock off posted later tonight. Time to ice some cupcakes. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pull my finger

So I may be a little addicted to this tutorial. I absolutely love it and have made six of them in 3 days. 4 of those are for my nieces and the other 2 for Reagan. She loves them.

For Reagan's second dress I decided to keep the theme and be inappropriate once again. (the other dress is in the post below this one!)

Her dad taught her to tell people "Pull my finger" so when I was going through our (my husbands) drawers for shirts I saw this one and begged him to let me use it. I was going to do it anyway but it's nice to at least ask. :)

I will post pictures of the dresses I made my nieces after I get them to them and get some photos.

I have had Reagan picture overload here lately. Mostly because I pretty much suck at making or thinking of boy things. Especially 8 year old boy things. Any ideas?

So here are a few of my little man. He is so so tall for his age and super smart.

Love him to pieces!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Picture Overload

I am awful at picking just one or two photos for a post. I couldn't decide which I liked best so there are a bunch today.

I used this tutorial over at Create and Delegate.

She has the best tutorials and they are so easy to follow and so so cute!

I let Reagan pick out her t-shirt that I would use and the bias tape.

The shirt isn't appropriate for a 4 year old I know but when I tried to talk her out of it she threw a fit so I figured I would just use it and I can cover the words up with fabric flowers or something before I let her wear it out in public. (can we say run on sentence?)

This blue and green look great together don't you think?

I'm starting to run out of things to say. :)

Oh ok good...last one!

I am making this my knock off for the week and won't be doing a linky party for a couple weeks or so.

I'll be linking up to some of the parties on my sidebar.


Monday, July 19, 2010


Trendy Treehouse hosts Shutter Love Tuesdays and while I am not very good at photography I love to play around with my camera and see what I get. This weeks theme is Faces so I just had to enter this photo of my nephew. Isn't he adorable?

Can you see the cars on his sunglass lenses? (click on the picture to enlarge) I don't know how kids can wear those...I think I would go crazy or cross eyed trying to look at the pictures all day.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Knock It Off Features

It is so hard to pick which Knock It Offs to feature but I picked three from last weeks link party.

I am loving this apron dress by MiaMoo Designs. Can you believe it is her first one? Her photos are amazing as well.

This headband by Sew Sara is fantastic. I love the fabrics she chose.

Sew Chatty made this Anthro Inspired Headband. I need to get me one of these!

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week and I hope you all link up your Knock Offs again this week. (the linky is on the post below this one)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dining Room Table Rules

Sorry it took so long to get the new Knock It Off project up. We have been busy around here with summer fun and tee ball. I will be post my favorites from last weeks link party soon!

So here is my Knock Off for this week. I have seen a ton of Subway Art tutorial out there lately. Go here, here and here for just a few.

This is my version. I don't know about any of you but I'm a little anal about eating etiquette and such. I go crazy when I hear people chewing loudly or talking with food in their mouth or people who crunch just to hear themselves crunch it seems. Nuts I tell you!

These are my dining room table rules. I have more but couldn't fit them on. Now some are just meant to be funny and others serious but you get the point, right?

I started by painting a canvas parakeet green. LOVE this color!

I only put one coat on because I liked the grainy look of it.

I then cut my words out of adhesive vinyl with my Cricut machine. I wish I had a Silhouette but that will have to be another day. I didn't measure or anything when putting my rules up so it's not completely straight but I don't think it's to bad.

Sorry about the flash and crappy pictures. I didn't want to wait till tomorrow to take the pictures so I could get this post up sooner. Probably a bad idea. Bad pictures=bad post. Oh well.

You can really see how not straight my words are in this picture. Arg.

Be sure to paint the edges so you get a more finished look to your art.

Now it's time to link up your Knock Offs.


Grab a button from my sidebar and either put it in your Knock It Off post or on your blog somewhere.

Link directly to the post not to your homepage.

This isn't a rule but everyone loves comments! Go comment on as many links as you like.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yard Sale Makeover

I have shown this before but I'm linking it up to the CSI site for the new yard sale challenge so decided to write a new post for it.

I got this yellow old Samsonite suitcase at a yard sale at the beginning of the yard sale season for $1.00. So cheap! I also got one of the blue ones for 50¢ which is what I painted for this pink suitcase but forgot to get a before picture so I am posting the yellow suitcase for comparison...same thing just different starting color!

The inside isn't lining isn't the best but that's something I can fix later. :)

I taped it up so I wouldn't paint the metal and then spray painted it all with some primer then used some of my favorite pink spray paint for the overall color. I then used a screen printing sheet for the chandelier image. I used some ribbon around the the edge of the suitcase to pull it all together.

We love it!

A nice girly suitcase.

Linking up to the links on my sidebar and



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