Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pittsburgh Irish St. Patrick's Day Dress

Are you guys ready for St. Patrick's Day? We are here!

Any Pittsburghers reading? I've finally added a new item to the shop. I'm loving this one. :) I used a tee shirt I found at our local grocery store...who knew grocery stores carried tee's? Funny. Maybe I should call this our Grocery Store St. Patty's Day Dress.

I can even add a name on the back if anyone wants that. My photoshop skills still stink incase you hadn't noticed! I'm working on it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Sew Gnomeo and Juliet shirt Tutorial

(image from here)

Have you taken your kids to see this yet? I definitely recommend it! I've been looking forward to it coming out for months. We didn't go opening weekend because I hadn't made our outfits yet. So yesterday I finally finished them up and the kids and I had a date night. I love how they turned out. :)

I don't know what's going on with his face in these pictures but these are the best I could get so there ya go!

Lucas is Gnomeo.

Reagan's dress is by far the favorite thing I've ever made. I have a thing for gnomes and when I saw this Michael Miller fabric I knew that I wanted to make Reagan a dress out of it.

I thought maybe you guys would like to make your own Gnomeo and Juliet shirts. This is my first time doing a pdf so it's not the best. Plus it's hand drawn. Enough said. Ok on to the tutorial....

First gather your supplies:

Freezer Paper
Heat n Bond
blue and white felt for Gnomeo
red and brown felt for Juliet

First you are going to print out the pdf of the pattern. It's down there at the bottom of the post. Cut out a piece of the freezer paper and get your pencil ready.

Now trace the gnome hat, hair and beard onto the non shiny side of the freezer paper. You will want to trace 2 hats if you are making both Gnomeo and Juliet.

Cut out your patterns and iron them shiny side down onto the right side of your felt.

Flip your felt over and apply the heat n bond according to the package directions.

Cut out along the lines on your freezer paper pattern and remove both the freezer paper and the paper of the heat n bond. For Gnomeo arrange the blue hat and the white beard onto your garment until it's just how you like it. Make sure your iron is nice and hot and iron over your pieces. I find that with felt it's better to press, lift and repeat. So I'm not rubbing my iron around, just lift it up and lay it back down and press firmly.

Make sure your felt is all stuck on there. Keep pressing until it is.
Since the felt is thicker I like to flip the shirt inside out after I've pressed it right side out and then press the inside also to help keep it secure.

You can also stitch around your felt with your sewing machine to give it extra stability but I didn't here.

Here is the final Gnomeo shirt!

Do the same thing for the Juliet shirt but when you get to the point of arranging it on your garment make sure to overlap the hat over the hair just a bit. You can kinda see in this picture what I mean.

Here is the Juliet shirt finished. I couldn't get a good picture of this one, sorry.

Here are the kids and I ready to go on our date. I had a neighbor lady take our picture because I couldn't find the tripod. I felt bad for stopping her on the street so we weren't worried about lighting or trying to get a good picture. We had her snap one and let her go home. :)

Everyone loved our outfits and it was so nice to go out with my littles on a date.

Here is the pdf. Again, not the best...hand drawing is something I'm not good at, at all. If you love it please let me know and if you make a shirt of your own I would love to see it. :)

If you hate it I can live without hearing about it. ;)

Oh and did you see over there on my sidebar I added buttons for my facebook page and twitter. I would love it if you guys "liked" me and followed me!!


Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stairway to 7!!

I was on Facebook today and came across a link on Be Different...Act Normal's page that said she was starting to think Packer fans were craftier than Steelers fan. Ha. I think not. No...I'm just playing :) I'm sure they are just as crafty but I wanted to show you some of the Steelers things I've made in the past and present.
I have made some tissue cozies...I've been adding these in with orders from Etsy this month as a little freebie!

I love this "black and yellow" dress. It comes with a matching doll dress.

Do the Packers have 6 Super Bowl rings?

No??? I didn't think so. :)

Reagan's bear is also a Steelers fan!

Go Steelers!

What is an outfit without a matching hairband!

This is a bad picture from my phone of the matching doll dress on my American Doll Wannabe.

The Steelers Pillowcase dress has been my best seller. I've had orders from VA, SC, GA, IW, ID, CA, NV, OH and all over PA!! That's why it's called Steelers Nation. ;)

Need something fun for the kids? How about a Steelers crayon roll.

The pillowcase dress is number 1 right now in the shop. Really though I have nothing else right now in there anyway!

Steelers Key Chain

Finally something for the little boy in your life. The Tie Shirt.
(Isn't my nephew the cutest?)

And lastly, this is my personal favorite. I think Reagan looks adorable in this outfit. Especially in her Curious George rain boots. She loves those.

Three tiered skirt with a little ruffle on the shirt.


So there you have it. Steelers gals/guys are just as crafty as the Packers fans!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been MIA for a while now. I pretty much got the school time/winter blues. I'm hoping that is in the past and I can keep up with blogging once again. I have lots of projects I'm working on. None of which get finished because I find a new one everyday!

Besides working on projects I am working on getting my craft room put together. It' been a mess since we moved in here over a year ago and I've mostly done all my sewing/crafting in the dining room but the family (husband) is pretty tired of me taking up the whole downstairs. :)

I made the kids pancakes for dinner and put them in a stein! Today's pancakes colors were regular and green. They like to mix it up.



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