Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy Shop coming soon

I have been sewing up a storm around here lately. Trying to get some things made to open my Etsy Store. I'm a little hesitant to open it up until I get enough made to have a good start at it. This one with the birds is a halter style tunic. It's slightly shorter than the ones below (pillowcase style).
I'm hoping it goes well. I love this Steelers one.
John Deere dress. I already have a lot of interest in this one so will be making a few more tomorrow.
I think this would have to be my favorite so far. Reagan loves the pillowcase style dress. They are so comfy and lightweight.
There will be some other things in the shop besides just girls clothing. More on that another day.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today my baby turned 4! Every mom says this but time sure has flown by.

These are the pink cupcakes with purple frosting that Reagan took to pre-school today for snack.

And here is the banana cake she requested. I wasn't sure how I was going to do this and it isn't perfect but I love it and her expression when she first saw it was priceless. Love that little girl. are the sweetest, loveliest little girl I have ever know and am so honored to be your mommy. You are always cracking us up with everything that comes out of your mouth. What a sense of humor you have...just like your daddy. I love you over the moon and back. Love mommy. :)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

paint makes a big difference

I love garage can find just about anything. A few weeks ago I came across an old blue Samsonite suitcase. (this yellow one is just like it that I found last weekend) It was cruddy, just like the yellow one and decided to try to paint it and make it pretty again. I forgot to take a picture of the blue before I painted, hence the yellow mustard colored picture.
With a little paint this is what I came up with. I LOVE it. First I taped up all the metal parts, primed it, painted it, screen printed the chandelier then finished it off with a can of clear sealer. I love spray paint don't you?
I also added some ribbon around the whole thing where the grooves are...there was some ugly looking plastic in there that was falling out.
I really like how this turned out. Reagan is ready to go on vacation. I have to still gut it and figure out how to clean that all up but so far so good.

(The mustard yellow one will be redone for my sister in a navy blue with silver when I get that one all done)


March of Dimes t-shirt refashion

We signed up for the March of Dimes walk through my husband's work. We finally got the shirts Friday night for the walk Sunday. I was pretty happy with the sizes we got. I'm guessing my husband picked them but they didn't offer any little kid sizes so Reagan's shirt wouldn't fit her for another 5 or so years.

I could have just thrown it on her and let her swim in it all day or I could have left her not wear it but wanting us all to match and be comfortable I decided to alter it for her into a dress.

For some reason blogger isn't letting me post the picture I have of the front of the shirt before I cut into it. Here is the back before.
And here is the after.
I used a purple shirt I no longer wear for the top part and pockets. I think my new favorite thing is elastic thread and used that to do the shirring.

I used it for the straps too and I adore them! The hem is just surged and not hemmed. I love how the dress turned out. I got a lot of compliments on this dress yesterday at the walk and at the Pirate game that we all attended after walking. One of the management guys at my husbands work even came up and asked to take a picture of the "Hoechstetter Dress. Oh and the president of the company and his wife sat next to us at the game and both LOVED it. How cool to have the president say something to me. :)

We had a great Family Day!!



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