Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A couple weeks ago we ventured out to take some family pictures. We were looking for a waterfall, after all it's called Buttermilk Falls. We drove up and down the rocky, bumpy roads but could not for the life of us find it. So we settled for this location. Its so pretty out there.
We parked the car and started to follow the trail carrying our blanket and lunch in a book bag, our camera bag, our tripod bag and sometimes the kids. They were getting tired of slipping and falling on the slimy rocks.

I think we got some good ones. Chris had set up the tripod and he was the one who would set the timer and run to make it in the picture on time. Quiet funny to see really. He slipped one time and almost took a nosedive but caught himself. We were cracking up.

Here are my 3 favorite people! I love this picture. After getting some good photos we stopped and ate lunch on a huge rock until the bees got to much and we decided to head home. It turned out to be a great family day. We need to get out and do this every year.

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Anonymous said...

I <3 this picture!! You guys are great!!


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