Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank you, Thank you and a Video

Hey Guys! First I want to thank you all for your comments and emails about my last post. I love the support that this community brings! You guys are the BEST. :)

Lucas is so much better now and after lots of tests it ended up just being Sinusitis. Thank goodness that's all it was. He was put on lots of different meds and it is clearing up nicely. The doctor put him on a steroid saying that just antibiotics wouldn't take care of it so that is making him eat tons. Which is definitely a good thing. I'll have to get a photo of him. He is finally gaining some weight and you can already see it in his face.

Thank you all again so much. :)

I'm tired and getting ready to go to bed. Up early tomorrow for the Pirates game! We'll be grilling out with bunches of friends. I can't wait. I wanted to leave you with a quick video of out-takes of pictures I took today of my sisters. They crack me up. Crap, Nevermind. I uploaded it to YouTube and 1. it looks not good and 2. they wouldn't add the music. Boo. I'll figure it out soon and post it for you all.

edit: Ok let's try this. If it doesn't work or is annoying please just ignore it. Thanks!

So yeah, I pretty much suck at uploading and posting videos. Sorry Guys. If you do watch it please sing, I'm to Sexy in your head while you do.

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