Saturday, October 3, 2009


Check out my sister's kitchen. I LOVE it. I want it. She is just moving in and I went down for the first time to see it today. I could seriously move in right now just for this kitchen. To some it may not be anything special but I think it's the best!It's not even super big (bigger than mine) but this island is the best. I would love to have parties in this house.

The oven and microwave are in the wall...I think this is the greatest thing EVER. :) Plus it is all stainless steel. Plus lots of cabinet and drawer space.
My favorite part is the stove top. This is so cool. I love how it's just sitting there on the island. ahhh. I want to move in. I asked her if we could switch houses but that was a no go. Dang her! Kidding, but seriously, isn't this a great kitchen?

One day I will have this kitchen..i promise!

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