Friday, October 16, 2009

Sneak Peek

We are getting ready for Halloween around here. This is a sneak peak of items for Reagan's costume. I still have to make it but can you guess what she is going to be? I will be adding a little bit of pink to her costume.

Here she is last year as a sweet piece of candy corn. She would not wear the little pointy hood I made but her shirt had a hood so I guess that works too.

Here is Lucas' sneak peek. Know what it is? hmmm. He loves this game.

Last year he wanted to be an alien but there was no way I was going to be able to make his outfit in know since I wait till the last second to do EVERYTHING! So he settled for Captain Jack. I loved his facial makeup. (note to self: if you use woman's eye shadow make sure you have makeup remover already in the house or your child will have to go to school the next day looking like a zombie) oops. :)

Finally, I am planning on doing a HomeMade Christmas this year. This though will not be any ones gift but maybe the trashcan's. I attempted a potholder but only stuck 1 piece of the insulbrite in it and I used binding (yuck) plus not fabric I like.(for a potholder anyway..would love it for a dress for Reagan) But hey it was my first try. Next time I will pick pretty fabric, use the right amount of materials and will NOT be using binding.
Does anyone have any great tutorials or ideas that I could use for my HomeMade Christmas? Leave me a comment with a link or idea. Thanks!

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